Proposed Bus Route 555

The Proposed Bus Route 555 aims to give visitors and locals in Montreal alike the opportunity to experience the life style of the Quad. We know that there are few parking spaces in the Quad Zone.

The Quad is bound on the west by St Lawrence Street, To the North  by Mount Royal Ave., To the East St Denis, and to the South Notre Dame Street.  This area includes parts of the Plateau, the historic Main, and the Quartier  Latin, Old Montreal, China Town as well as the popular Prince Arthur Eateries.

Bus Line 555

The Quad and immediate area are in continuous creative over-drive in the fields of Film, Theatre, Music, Dance, Design and Fine Arts. This area is a microcosm of Montreal’s Shops, Restaurants and Night Life. On the Quad art and culture are part of daily life, not a fad. The locals work and frequent many of its cultural establishments, restaurants and shops.

Every year Montreal receives thousands of visitors in its city core. Some of the visitors are from the Greater Montreal Area, but many are tourists from the U.S. and Europe.
Because of the complexities of modern life, time is a critical factor in the decisons dealing with shopping, eating out, and entertainment.  The success of the proposed bus route depends not only the route itself, but also on the frequency of service. The service on the route would be variable to ensure that the right level of service would be supplied at the right time. Bus frequency on the  route would ideally be between 7 and ten minutes.

Service would target the busiest periods of the week as well as specific events.
Regular service would include Wednesday through Saturday from 18:30 to 23.00.
Sunday service would run from 11:00 to 22.00.

Specific events in the Quartier des Spectacles, Hockey Games, Football games should be catered to. Events at which the Quad Zone would be promoted must be near a Metro Station. Promotion could consist of the distribution of materials describing the lyfestyle and activities of the Quad. At the same time a map showing Bus Route 555 in relationship with the Metro System could be included.  Events especially in the Quartier des Spectacles should not be used as an excuse to reduce access to the Quad Zone.

Considerations for the Implementation of Bus Route 555

Primary area to be served
Merchant Associations involved
Bus schedule
Marketing: Quad Logo, Quad Signs on windows of participating merchants, Quad Advantages, Quad Directory (in Route 555 buses), Other Marketing tools ( available on Route 555 buses), Mapkins, Montreal Tourism Bureau….
Distribution of Quad Directory and or offers at Specific events : Hockey Games, Football Games, major Shows…

Bus Line 555

Public Transit Influx :
Metro: Mont-Royal, Sherbrooke, Berri-UQAM, St. Laurent,
Champd de Mars
Bus: 55, 29, 11, 97, 30, 80,535, 129
Private Transport Influx:
Z(a) Tourist Buses

Visitor Influx:
Z(b) Sherbrooke Hotel Zone
Z(c)Quartier des spectacles, and Events
Z(d) Old Montreal, Old Montreal Hotels
Z(e) Mount Royal Mountain
Z(f) McGill Stadium, Football


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